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2016 Shanghai CAPE investment promotion begin
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Following the September 14, 2015, "the 10th China international air purification and air technology equipment exhibition and BBS" (hereinafter referred to as: CAPE China net fair) in Beijing China international exhibition center (old pavilion) ended, a group of air purification industry leading enterprises was showed off their latest technology achievements and high-tech products, by the mau exhibition preparatory net exposition of the 11th China on May 5, 2016 will be held in Shanghai new international expo center tour, the exhibition through the meticulous planning and layout of the organizing committee, has now launched a comprehensive work for inviting businesses and exhibitors.


CAPE China net expo Shanghai MF exhibition service co., LTD. And Beijing send to host international exhibition co., LTD. Two terms a year, one in Shanghai in May and September in Beijing has successfully hosted the 10 th. The internationalization and specialization is the biggest characteristic of the exhibition, the exhibition scale is increasing year by year, held BBS technology follow era, information exchanges with the international community.

10th China net exposition has 3 m from abroad, APCO, fellowes, Toshiba, vollara, Nano Steps, noble, lang lang, SYLPH, ebm-papst, wolff, borui guest Vortice wind/Switzerland, Italy, Taiwan Nano,  ling, China 352, lolinna, section, abro le, who treasure home, hall, fruit, and rephaiah, new technology, high-tech jinxin, yu sheng, fruit, vortex wind, new materials, MEL, junwei: jia yi, ding, hanwang, tianrui, wei surplus, Jupiter, ChengShiKang, beat embellish, hong shun, Francesca leite, Fanny, faith hill, mansion, Hui sheng, meirui kang, rita, grind, square wave, bleum tong, easy, he's sharp, sweet wind, heiko, kang jin lei, filtration, it is city, Sally, vines, hundred meters, the di on the sea, Leo, purification, China's new wind industry alliance committee pavilion pavilion and so on more than 200 domestic and foreign leading brand air purification, concentrated in 3, 4 shows the current China's air purification industry the most advanced technology, the latest achievements and development trend of industry. The three-day exhibition, a total of nearly forty thousand professionals from around the world to visit, compared to the previous increased, better let companies direct talks with the target audience, according to statistics, 96% of the exhibitors reached an agency/distribution agreement, 93% of the exhibitors satisfied with audiences, 95% satisfied with the quality of the exhibitors to the audience, 96% of the exhibitors satisfied with on-site service, 98% of the exhibitors said the next to the net of China expo, the exhibition effect is well-established, field many enterprises have signed up for the next show.

As the Asian clean air and clean fresh air system area biggest, most merchants, the radiating surface and the volume of the highest industry international professional exhibition, China (Shanghai) international air purification and air technology equipment exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: CAPE China net fair) has always been adhering to the advanced science and technology, innovation and sincere service concept, based on the Chinese market, provide the exhibitors with highend professional display platform, designed to promote healthy development of China's air purification industry, promote the international technology exchange and trade cooperation, expand the international influence of air purification enterprises in our country, shows the latest technology and scientific research field of air purification. Since the first held in 2009, the exhibition area, exhibits of widening, professional audience duplication and greatly promote the air purification market the development of international communication and trade market. For many international brands to enter China and Asia market not only brings opportunities, more Chinese market provides an excellent platform global sourcing.

CAPE2016  with Asia's largest environmental protection exhibition expo IE the 17th China ring exposition and the end of the water purification industry exhibition in May 5-7, 2016 in Shanghai new international expo center held, ZhuanGuan exhibition, publicity and interaction, audience complementary, upstream and downstream industry trade negotiation more direct convenient, at the same time are more good "the 11th China air and PM2.5 control/air purification technology summit, the third session of China's civil air purifier industry summit, air puritying new product launch, air puritying industry outstanding entrepreneur media interviews" and other series of activities was held together.

We sincerely invite  to participate in the 2016 Shanghai CAPE

With the exhibition scale and the quality of ascension, the net exhibition exhibition content and form a complete set of activities will be more relevant exhibitors and spectators, cover more empty net products and technologies, CAPE2016 will hand in hand at home and abroad enterprises and industry associations, with stronger speaker lineup and global advanced empty net technology, the personage inside course of study to discuss building industry benchmarking exhibition and BBS, promote the development of air purification market at home and abroad.

October autumn is the harvest season, is also the good old days, we sow and reap at the same time! Cape net of Shanghai expo 2016 for inviting businesses and exhibitors has now begun a comprehensive underway, are you ready?