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Let us know more about incarnations of air purifier
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Now urbanite have passed "go out driving home open air conditioning" stage, gradually into the "go out wearing a 

mask home purifier" situation. Air purifier is no longer a novelty. When we are enjoying the fresh air at the same time

, ever thought that this small machine, protect us every breath actually come from?

 Born in the fire

In 1823, John and Charles dean invented a new type of smoke protection device, when

 can make the firemen in the fire smoke.

In 1854, a man named John · TengHaoSi invention of predecessors on the basis of new progress again: through 

several attempts, he learned to adding charcoal air filter can filter out harmful and toxic gases from the air.

During world war ii, the U.S. government began for radioactive material study, they need to develop a way to filter  

out all harmful particles, to keep the air clean, enable scientists to breathe, so the HEPA filters arises at the historic


50, 60 s of the 20th century, HEPA filters was once very popular, is HEPA filter criteria, namely to 0.3 micron 

particles, more than 99.97% of the filtration efficiency, the single filtration efficiency of be particular about it. In 

air purifier, to achieve the standard of HEPA filter wind resistance is too high, and do not apply.

 The emergence of the household air purifier

  In the 1980 s, the focus of air purification has turned to air purification, such as household air purifier.

 Past filter in removing the stench in the air, toxic chemicals and poisonous gas is very good, but cannot remove

 mould spore, the virus or bacteria, and the new family and office use air purifier, not only can clean the toxic gases 

in the air, also can purify air, remove the bacteria, viruses in the air, dust, pollen, mold spores, etc.

Since the late 90 s, with an antibacterial deodorant demand increases, the air purifier field was an

 "antibacterial heat". Air purifier is also adopted in 1996 photocatalyst filter improve the performance of 

an antibacterial deodorant.

  The mission of modern air purifier

  After 2002, affected by the spread of SARS, new flu pandemic, the growing demand for air purifier antiviral

people. Development and for the air purifier is equipped with "time" technology. The air purifier is using 

decomposition way (oxide) filter trap bacteria and viruses. In 2008, the countermeasures to eliminate harmful 

substances in the air, in order to meet the requirements of eliminate drying room, air purifier and increased the


  The development of personalized

With the constant improvement of environmental pollution and health consciousness, people's demand for

 air purifier also from functional to personalized excessive gradually. Pure purification type air purifier cannot 

have satisfied our life, so the humidifying type, type, vehicle type to formaldehyde, desktop, central air 

conditioning system, such as a variety of air purifier, filter function also developed from simple adsorption for

 chemical catalytic decomposition, plasma, such as multi-layer adsorption purification principle of diversification

, meet the personality requirements of different people.